At age 19 I moved from a small town in Oregon to New York City to pursue my dream of being an actress. My parents, who regularly traveled to Manhattan on buying trips for their clothing store, helped me pack and my mother bravely took me there. Within a couple of weeks, she found me a room, got me situated and introduced me to the city, including some of her favorite places. As such, she took me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which turned out to be a life altering experience.

At the Met there are rooms filled with wondrous paintings, drawings and sculptures – and we took in many. But on the day we went to the museum, they had a special exhibit of photos by Richard Avedon. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at Mr. Avedon’s images, all of which so brilliantly captured a moment in time; a play of light, a sweep of lines, telling a story – all the more vivid for being in black and white as my imagination filled in the colors. I was transfixed.

The visit to the Avedon exhibit was brief but lasting. I went on to study and work for several years as an actress on television, stage and film. In 1982, I began a love affair with my husband, Shya, with whom I have lead seminars, recorded videos and audios, and have authored articles and books for several decades. Along the way, I have had the great pleasure of picking up a camera and traveling the world with him. From my childhood home in Oregon to Bali, Indonesia, from the rain forests of Costa Rica to my own back yard in Milford, New Jersey, Shya has been my greatest supporter and biggest fan.

On my site you will find an eclectic mixture of themes – some whimsical others untamed, such as a heron fishing – all of which tickle my fancy. There will occasionally be more than one version of my wildlife shots, for while I enjoy the bigger picture, I am fascinated by the up close phenomena I like to call “the wild eye.” When memorializing an animal or bird, I am endlessly fascinated when they are looking directly at me. I am captivated by the life, the wildness of being a creature on this earth that is translated in their gaze. I have always felt that these moments are an intimate gift that life is bestowing.

I take a lot of pictures because I enjoy it. When I find one that I want to stare at for a while, I like to share the wealth with others. I hope you enjoy my images and that one or more sparks your imagination as well.